For Suppliers

As a supplier of quality used goods and materials you profit from the following ReWinner services:

plattform_sale.pngSales Process Through ReWinner Platform

ReWinner takes charge of the sales process for you the customer by matching  supply with corresponding demand through its platform and existing network. Your benefits of our sales service are reduced time & effort as well as minimized disposal costs. To submit materials, please register here (or select from top menu).

inventory.png Inventory Service

Often many organizations lack information and/or details regarding inventory owned. ReWinner offers detailed inventory services according to industry standards and norms of the products. The taken inventory data can be flexibly delivered in the required format. By choosing our inventory service you can profit from the following advantages: transparency, possibility for evaluation of data, internal usage of data/goods and usage for resale. Please contact us for inquiries.

certificate.png Impact Reporting

By reusing goods an impact for the environment and society is achieved. This can be measured and recorded in an impact report. The advantage for you is demonstrable achievement of sustainability goals or simply for public relations purposes.